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Do let me know.
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Originally Posted by dillonthebunny View Post

im a sucker for anything FPS related.
You like Killzone 1, so this has been pretty obvious for a long time.

You'll probably love Payday, now that I think about it, as it's basically the Killzone 1 of co-op shooters.

But seriously if you're really that hard up for a good co op shooter go get Left 4 Dead or Borderlands, both of which are infinitely better whether playing online or off.
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I'm lev 60 odd on borderlands, love that game... can't get L4D on the playstation... bah.

loved kz1.....

edit: im lev 51 on Borderlands, just checked... Borderlands 2 looking great, will pick that up for sure. hopefully more people will pick this up from day one this time. I missed out on a lot of online play with people due to me being the only one I knew that had this for a very long time.

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